Request activate night mode by trigger/action with time/local time

Is there a way to create a trigger/action to activate night mode with time of day? I can’t seem to figure that out.i want to use time or local time.

For example-
I want the dash cluster to switch to a night type of dash after 6:30pm and switch back to regular dash at 6:30 am.

I have same issue too.
Does anyone know how to set night mode trigger on time ?

I will make some tests if there is already a solution.

Currently there is no easy solution for this. I will make an update that inputs ‘Time (local)’ and ‘Time (ISO-8601)’ will internally contain number of seconds since midnight. Then you can do the following trigger-action pair:

  • Create new trigger
  • Trigger condition: ‘Time (local) is greater than 64800’
  • Add ‘OR’ to trigger condition as ‘Time (local) is less than 18000’
  • Add some cooldown to trigger, like 10 sec or so to prevent it from triggering every frame.
  • On Trigger editor choose ‘Actions’ and add new action
  • Select action type ‘Set value on trigger status’
  • For ‘Select Input’, choose ‘Device Inputs: Night Mode’
  • Save everything.

The values 18000 and 64800 are seconds from midnight matching 5:00 and 18:00 o’clock.

So this would be on next release/beta, would this solve your issue?

That’s good news. I hope to get the new update release asap. Thank you for all your assistance . I really appreciate your help in resolving the issue.

This is included in 1.8.0-BETA2 release.

Dear Dev, is there any help section that describes how to set night mode based on trigger? Thanks

The steps couple posts up is not working for you?

Thanks. I’ll check this today. I thought this update made an easier method :blush:. But no worries, I’ll try the above.

I was able to do the above steps to activate the night mode. Thanks! But don’t know how to do the below… Nevertheless, night mode still gets triggered. May be you can advise on the below step. Thanks again

  • Add some cooldown to trigger, like 10 sec or so to prevent it from triggering every frame.

When you edit the trigger, the upmost option titled ‘Trigger’ has two options:

  1. Trigger name
  2. Cooldown in seconds.

Adjust the cooldown value to prevent triggering every frame.

I was able to set the cooldown too. But the night mode works only with “Dash of Color” theme I’m not sure if it was something that I did wrong.

Yes. I did make a mistake. I didn’t enable automatic dark tiles option. Once enabled, it works on all themes. Thank you!

Dear Dev, as I said above, I did enable automatic night mode for all the three themes. (Benztown hammer, dash of color & new boss on the block). Except “dash of color”, the other two themes doesn’t change to automatic night mode. Both that don’t work, I have to edit and enable automatic night mode every time I change the theme. Even though I save after editing, the settings change to default and doesn’t retain my changes. Dash of color is the only exception. Can you please help or advise? Thanks

BTW… I use the latest store beta.

Sorry. I fixed it myself. I should have loaded the theme from the saved file. :pensive:

No problem, good to hear you area making progress.

Thanks. Yeah realdash has a huge learning curve. But good to see you helping out every newbie like me.

Sorry, but how do you enable automatic dark tiles option?



I hope if someone can tell me how to enable automatic night mode option?


The map gauge an has option in ‘Look’n Feel->Special->Map->Automatic Dark Tiles’