Request to add a new language Hebrew

Hello there, I would like to purchase your app but there is no Hebrew language and it is difficult to understand what they are doing … :confused: :confused: If you can add Hebrew language and it will be excellent and purchase it. When can you add the new language ??

For us, its impossible to make a translation to Hebrew. The translations contain so much “gear hear” texts that even translation offices have not been able to make proper translations.

Only option is if you know somebody who would volunteer to make the translations. But be warned; it is a BIG job. Last time I checked there was some 930 lines of text in translations.

Hello first, thank you for answering, I understand you, in the past I translate translations such as software, games and some more. I can translate as “settings”, “editing” and much more that needs to be translated except for the other commands I leave in English. And just worry about translating the right to left interface. OK? Send me a translation file and start with translations. Thanks.:+1:

Sent you an email.

Yes I got it. I’ll start working on translations and it’ll take some time and I’ll update you. Thank you.