Reset distance trip A by hold button.

How to reset the distance trip A if some variable has taken the value 1 for 1 sec?

  • Create a new button gauge
  • Go to Look’n Feel->Special->Button
  • Set Initial Action Delay (MS) to the wanted value, like 1000 for 1 second.
  • Enable ‘Actions When Pressed Down’ option.

Of course you can use triggers with dummy timers to make this automatic, but your question title stated ‘by hold button’

It works, but my problem is different. There is some variable that can be 0 or 1. I have bound my button to this variable. And when the variable is equal to 1 for a long time the button does not work. If use the mouse to press the button on the screen for a long time, the button works as needed.

For that you need a dummy timer that will reset your variable (and itself) on certain period.

Tell me in more detail about this please. What I need to do?

I can’t reset and freeze the dummy timer. It turns out only to reset it to zero by “set value” after which it continues to count. How to stop the dummy timer?

Dummy timers can not be stopped, but you can use Set Value to (re)set them in certain value. For example, make a trigger that checks if timer >= 1, as a action set timer value to 0. There you have timer that can trigger any action once per second.