Reset the engine runtime total.

Hi, all. How to reset the “engine runtime total” from triggers&actions?

I see that this value has been marked as not settable by actions. Will fix for next release.

This is now fixed on 1.8.9-beta1:

It seems to me that the source “engine total runtime” resets to zero every time the power is turned off. This was in version 1.8.8. Is this fixed too?

You need to shutdown RealDash properly in order to save its state.

Here are the events when data is saved:

  • On exit
  • Screen is closed (App Pause event)
  • App is sent to background
  • The ‘Body Electronics->Ignition On’ input changes from 1 to 0.

Engine Runtime Total at beta 1.8.9 stil not to reset by “triggers&actions”. I used such actions as “set value” and “set value on trigger status”. It’s not work. And what is the difference between these actions?

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