Resizing screen res in Windows

With the latest update, it appears you can no longer type in a screen resolution to change the screen. I typed 1280x720 and hit ok, but nothing happened. You used to be able to do this. Seems like it might be a bug

What resolution is your monitor? There is a known problem that Windows UWP apps cannot resize to any bigger than monitor they are running on.

sorry, late reply.

The screen is on a 15" laptop. Right now realdash is running windowed at 1024x600. I got a new headunit with a bigger screen (1280x720) and im trying to increase that window size, while still being in a window (not full screen) on my laptop. it lets me type it, but then nothing happens. No error or anything. I can view other dashes at 1900 res also, but I guess it scales it? I’m just trying to upscale this dash of mine to 1280x720.

This seem to work just fine on my development computer with Full-HD monitor.