Restore Store Purchases

You do not have to purchase again when switching to another device.

All your purchases are stored in your Google/Apple/Microsoft account that you used to make purchases. If you uninstall->install an app, app will ask Store servers to restore your purchases. In some cases this process may fail.

Please verify that:

  • You are connected to Internet.
  • You are using the same Google/Apple/Microsoft account that you used for purchases.
  • Try the option in RealDash ‘Settings->Other->Restore Purchases’

If you are using multiple Google accounts on same device, there is a known problem that Play store will report only the purchases to the account that was created first. Currently there is no way around this. For more information, see:

In case of multiple accounts, only way to fix this is to remove all accounts from device and add the account that has the purchases as first (and only) account to the device. Then start RealDash to register your purchases. After RealDash has recognized your purchases you can add more Google accounts to the device.

Sometimes Google Play store cache gets stuck (this is a known problem with Play Store app). You can try the following:

  • First update all Google related apps in your device (Play store, Play Games, Google Services, …)
  • Close Play Store app from task menu
  • Close RealDash app from task menu
  • Open Play Store and browse to the RealDash page
  • Open RealDash app

If even this fails to restore your purchases, please try:

  • Go to Android Settings->Apps->Application List
  • Find ‘Google Play Store’ and tap it
  • Go to ‘Storage’ and tap ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’
  • Open Play Store and browse to the RealDash page
  • Open RealDash app

In all these cases you must have working Internet connection and your Google account active in Android device.