Rev 1.8.6 Farenheit does not work all places

I just update my dash to 1.8.6 some of setting that had degree and use to work with both c and F, now only shows correct value in C and no F, below is sample of one gauge and only diff is changing setting from C to F.

Not sure how to insert picture here.

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I am seeing something similar, but for PSI.

Almost seems like there is a double value conversion from metric. I will check.

It seems to happen on the BMW dash but no in LF dash.

I think the issue is with other conversion also but I did not check.

All these where ok on 1.8,1.


Found the problem. Fix will be in next release.

Fixed in 1.8.7-Beta3:

Thank you!

Hello, and one more thing I noticed/bug is that the speed is reading in kilometers per hour instead of MPH. I double checked my settings though it is checked for mph.