Reverse gear indicator

I have an 2014 Honda Amaze automatic Indian varient petrol.

Gear indicator on default values in realdash app shows me running gear level however these levels are not correct because i am not able to calculate gear ratios and app defaults for sure is not match to my car

For some reason reverse and parking indicator are not working for me

As advised in various topics i tried to set new values but nothing happens

Setting>units and value>add then i select body electronics [select target input]>select input reverse light then it pushes me to a new screen to select source input and then shows body electronics one Of the options and when i select that it takes me to the page where all input parameters are there but not the new one i am trying to add.

Secondly, can anyone please help me to calculate gear ratios i cannot figure it out

Thanks in advance


If you are using OBD2 connection, the status of gear shifter position is not available for RealDash.

RealDash has a feature that you can calibrate the gear ratios by driving the car:

  • Ask for a friend to drive your car while you operate RealDash.
  • While driving, in RealDash, go to Garage, open vehicle door and tap the shifter.
  • On popup menu, tap ‘Calibrate Gears’
  • Follow screen instructions to drive on certain gear with specified RPM to calibrate gears.

Thanks i will do as advised and update you here

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Hi, as advised i tried to calibrate gear ratio but not of a much luck

Firstly it was hard to maintain 1200 rpm but i was in range of 1130 to 1270 for a good time but it was not calibrating and all of sudden calibrated gear 1 to 1.9xx
Then asked me to drive at 1200 in gear 2 to set gear 2 ratio. Since it is an automatic with no manual shifter so i cud not get to to calibrate gear 2.
Is there any pattern or technique to manipulate the same.

Any advise will be highly appreciated

Kindly advice to the above post

If your automatic transmission does not allow manual gear selection your only option is to enter the gear ratios manually into the popup you see on your screenshot.

Thanks for the revert.

That is my biggest issue. How do i calculate gear ratio. Is there a formula or any app which can calculate it for me. I managed to get gear ratio for the first gear using realdash calibration

I would really appreciate if someone can help me to get the gear ratio.

You best bet is to try search Internet for some technical information about your car where gear ratios would be listed.

Thanks, i am afraid that information is not available i have tried a lot with no luck.

Can i not somehow calibrate the gear using realdash without manual shifters ?

Is this a CVT automatic transmission?

No its an torque converter gear box. Honda started providing cvt transmission here in India from 2018 onwards

Mine is called Honda Amaze S AT year 2014.

I really appreciate your speedy responses

Hi, is there any way to calibrate an automatic without the gear shifter?

As I said, you need to enter the gear ratios manually into garage settings.

Is there any site you can refer which can help me to calculate the gear ratio for my car as i have tried a lot and not able to find the same.

Here is a reply from ChatGPT:

The gear ratios for the 2014 Honda Amaze with an automatic transmission (CVT - Continuously Variable Transmission) are as follows:

  1. First Gear Ratio: 2.526
  2. Second Gear Ratio: 1.427
  3. Third Gear Ratio: 0.975
  4. Fourth Gear Ratio: 0.673
  5. Fifth Gear Ratio: 0.555
  6. Reverse Gear Ratio: 2.000
  7. Final Drive Ratio: 4.437

These ratios are designed to provide a balance between performance and fuel efficiency for the Honda Amaze.

Thanks, but mine is not cvt its a torque converter gear box.

When i manage to calibrate first geat it stated gear1 : 1.9xx .

Its a shame i cannot use app in build feature.

But i will try to use the one you sent and see how it goes.

Once again thank you so much.

Will keep you updated

This is what i found using chatgpt

The 2014 Honda Amaze S AT model is equipped with a torque converter automatic transmission, not a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Sure, the gear ratios for the 2014 Honda Amaze S AT are as follows:

1st gear: 2.697
2nd gear: 1.606
3rd gear: 1.066
4th gear: 0.763
5th gear: 0.592

These gear ratios help determine the relationship between engine speed and wheel speed for each gear.