Rpm value not logging


We’ve been using realdash for 2 tractorpulling competion matches now, and we are encountering some weird stuff which we cannot seem to solve.

We use RealDash for visualising the data and logging our data from the tractor. Only it seems that a few values are not being logged. For example, RPM is working on the dashboard but is always 0 in the log file. We use the RealDash CAN protocol, with their respective target id’s. This is both with assigned and custom fields we use.
The affected fields are marked for logging in the application settings.

Is this a known bug? Is there a way to circumvent this?


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Logging of RPM is working.

You can check couple of things.

I would remove RPM from logging configuration and re add, being sure to add the same value name as you are viewing in the dash.

Perhaps try logging less fast, set a data rate of 10 per sec to start and see if any change.

I have seen some issue with logging when high number of parameters are being logged, so try just logging RPM to start and see if you can get it working, then add the others.

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Thanks for the reply,

We have tried deleting and adding it again, this did not give the wanted result.

We will look into the speed of logging the value.

We currently are logging 26 value’s, is this considered alot?
We need these to make a good analysis of the engine performance.

I’m logging 38 at 50 rows a seconds to CSV, so in theory 26 should be fine assuming there are no resource constraints.

Settings → Application → Page 6 and change rows per second from 0 to 10.

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Actually I just found a bug in datalogging. If datalog format is CSV and value name to be logged contains a comma (,) character, values are stored properly but playback of the datalog does not show correct values.

This will be fixed in next release (2.4.0) that commas are not written into value names in first row of the datalog.

understandable that this breaks the CSV file. Seems like a good solution to me.

But the RPM Field (Target ID: 37) does not contain a comma in the description as far as i know. I would need to test if it solves the issue for us (with 2.4.0) but i expect it to be something else.

The solution for us (which solves multiple issues for us) seems to be making all custom fields in the .xml CAN description file with a known precursor in the name, in our case ‘RD_’. This way we can search on ‘RD_’ to get all the field we need for our situation and it will match the .xml file with just a few clicks.

Send me your datalog file for analysis to contact@realdash.net

File send :slight_smile:

Hopefully this will help with finding the issue.
As i said, i’ve solved it for our situation. We will try the custom fields for now as it is more convenient for us with setting up realdash in general.

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For me, when I playback your log file it shows around 2500 RPM, varying a little bit. So unfortunately I could not find anything wrong with your datalog file.

Hmm, i see, not sure how i missed that.

I have a file where it first is there and then it disappears after a while. I also have files where it is zero from the start.

I will do some further testing (also with a running tractor and during a competition).