S2000 8" tablet with realdash in the future

Good evening,
New user here from Boston MA :smiley:

I’ve been working with a friend on an s2000 indash tablet mod for a year, we finished a few days ago
We used an einscan pro 3000 to 3D scan a Honda S2000 dashboard , made up a bezel for the tablet to sit in and added the finishing touches with a HP MJF 3D industrial printer.

The tablet we used is a Samsung Galaxy Tablet A8 2019 (8")

I have not figured out how to make realdash work with AEM infinity yet. If anyone can help me make an XML file for me that would be nice. I’d love for real dash to work on this.

Thank you,

Patrick (S2000)

I believe we exchanged some emails about this. I will write the XML for AEM infinity, you test that it works, deal?

Yes indeed it was me (Patrick)

Let’s do it. Sounds like a plan :smiley:

Give me couple of days to get some other stuff out of the way.

I’m working on an arduino and infinity. It’s being a stuggle. I can read and display fine on a 20x4 lcd. But Realdash is giving me some trouble. I get a flickering MIL, Oil light and some mph.


I think that you need to reduce the poll rate of indicators, in fact, you do not need to poll indicators very often … this is wasteful for an 8 bit Arduino. Or you can use SMOOTING in your RealDash login settings!

I’m pretty new to xml and code in general. So when you say Poll indicators i don’t know what that means. Notice is this latest xml I commented out . The little researsch to your suggestions suggests that had something
to do with “indicators” as you put it.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

I have edited this xml many different ways still nothing. When I view the “Can Monitor” in Realdash settings it is seeing/dumping these messages and they are correct IDs and hex values.

If you could explain more about the issue with Indicators please do. I feel like i’m close…

got it working!! Still needs a lot of work. I’m just working on bench currently. One arduino is sending the other is receiving. Car is in storage for winter. I might try installing this tablet into my car soon.