Save file corrupt!!! Help!

I master dev! I had edited my dash in 2.0.2 version of RealDash and the save get corrupted and now I cant loaded in 2.0.3 version. I spend many hours to make my dash just to lost it… the other problem is the gif that i use in my dash starts blink with artifacts after 2.0.2 update without reason . Can i send my dash to you to see if you can save it from garbage?!

The same thing happens with gif. animation in my file, but not with all, but only with some.

ADVICE FOR YOU: make copies on a removable drive and on a PC, this greatly reduces the risks. Appreciate your years and months spent on this.))

How can i uncorrupt a dash file? Have i to wait for another update?! Its lost for ever?!

There was a very nasty dashboard file save bug on 2.0.2, which is now fixed on 2.0.3.

Yes, I know from the badest way… i am on 2.0.3 version now and can not load the dash file in the same way. Theres nothing we can do now?!

Send me your file and I will take a look if there is anything I can do to save it.