Saving animations and auterations

Changes to the animation.xml file have no effect when you press F2.
If you import the animation.xml file and press Done, the animation does not work.
To make the changes in the animation file work, you have to have made a change in the dash, then press Done.


Just click the “Save” button …

Yes it works, but it would be easier if it works as the Dashboard_animation_examples / says:
“When XML has changed, reload the .rd file, or press F2 on Windows to reload the dash and apply changes.”

Doesn’t the F2-reload work on Windows version?

Yes the F2 works, but only reloads the .rd file.
but the .xml does not reload.

Just tried, if the files are in same folder, and animation file has same filename as .rd file with _anim.xml postfix, the animations are re-loaded when F2 is pressed. I don’t know how I could reproduce the issue you mention.

I tested it as you said and with the example animations and the same thing happens.

Hmm, maybe this is due the fact that Windows UWP security policy do not allow apps to access files unless user has selected it manually at least once. Try to import the animation file once in edit mode, and try if F2 works after that.

I noticed that this only occurs in the animations, in the xml of the
RealdashCAN does not occur, it updates when I press F2.