Saving dash to usb

I’m new to the android platform- I’m using Windows with blue chips to mod and make a dash- how do i go about saving it to a usb drive then uploading it ontop my actual dash? Or can use as card- sorry for the super noob question

For the transfer, I’m comfortable using googledrive. And what is the difficulty of transferring the .rd file from win explorer to a usb flash drive and then to android? You can use a USB OTG adapter.

I mean being able to physically save what i created into a USB, the. Upload it into my unit

With blue chips you mean BlueStacks Android emulator on Windows? The RealDash Android version ‘Save as’ option only shows an option to save to device internal memory. Install a file manager to your Android and use it to copy the .rd file to the USB stick, assuming BlueStacks supports USB memory.

But as previously said, it is much more convenient to use some sort of cloud file service, like Google Drive or Dropbox to handle use the files on multiple devices.

Yes blue stacks. :rofl: oh man! Cool I’ll try it out on a cloud based first