Screen brightness on UIS7862

Hello. As far as I know, you have a sample of Uis7862. This platform has a programmatic adjustment of the screen brightness. But this function does not work through RD. maybe there is a way to fix this?

I also have problem with the same platform and realdash.
Sometimes the brightness adjustment works from inside RD.
Some other times it works only from system controls and nothing happens from the slider in RD.
Now, when it works from RD after a while the screen flickers a bit, then if I don’t fastly adjust brightness from the system, outside RD, the image will become completely dark (you can still see backlight is still on), the RD app still works and send multicast values, if you blindly touch something like a button it does the action. In order to continue to see something again I need to stop the car, wait 5 seconds or so then start it again. Like a screen off/wait 5 secs/screen on, not a restart.
So as soon as I see screen flickering a bit I have to adjust brightness fast (not from RD) or lose image.
RD manages to get control of system brightness even if I don’t move the slider inside RD at all. And sometimes if I try to adjust inside RD it doesn’t work at all…
Really strange issue.
Another thing, at least for me RD only adjust RD brightness inside the app, if I switch windows the system app is at a different level, on all the systems that I use now.

I hope we can fix this.

PS Btw, I use a Joying 11.6 car system, this is where brightness issue occurs.

Here is the code that is used in RealDash to adjust screen brightness on Android:

WindowManager.LayoutParams params = getWindow().getAttributes();
params.screenBrightness = value;

That is the only way to reliable change the screen brightness on Android and it works very well on mobile phones and tablets. Adjusting global brightness requires permission to adjust and read system settings and that would kill the download rate from Play store. And that being said, there is no guarantee it would work either on these custom chinese Android images.

Can we at least somehow disable completely brightness adjustment from RD? I want to test it and see if I get flickering or black screen anymore. Maybe it conflicts somehow with the hardware/software of Joying.

If you can modify just a private version without the code for brightness or with a disable brightness adjustment radio box for testing this problem. It it a huge problem when the screen becomes black while driving. At least then I can rule it out.

I understand what you say that giving system permissions will scare some people on Android, but most car apps/launchers have it, it’s strange to move to Spotify or another music app or navigation and have full brightness while RD was dimmed for night driving.

Thank you!

PS it works with system brightness adjustment in Agama Launcher even on Joying

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Send email for a custom version without brightness controls.

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Bright control from RD not Work

if inslall app form play market Auto Brightness Level - made one change brigth - then load RD - from RD i full control Bright

then i uninstall app Auto Brightness Level

Bright control from RD Work


Maybe this is why it worked sometimes for me also… I use Agama launcher as home screen and it has brightness adjustment at system level, even by sunrise/sunset. But sometimes it doesn’t work even if Agama is still installed… Maybe after Agama makes brightness adjustment in the background then RD brightness adjustment works. But after some time Agama closes in the background and it doesn’t make any adjustment to brightness anymore, then RD loses brightness adjustment as well.
We will have to continue experimenting…

As Dev said, Brightness is a setting that requires permission to change settings. When this permission is granted to a third-party application, the system can no longer deny access to anyone. So RD can do it!

Dear Jani

please check permission RD - “Modify system settings” - same as app “AUTO BRIGHTNESS LEVEL”

i hope you seek time

please if you can course only 7862

i remind
today not work settings bright from RD
but if lanunch app AUTO BRIGHTNESS LEVEL from play market and clouse him > settings bright from RD work, but if rebboot not work again

if it is hard or not have hardware 7862 please reply - i try help

I’m unable to develop anything for the custom hardware.