screen size

I dont know what I have done, but the dash size is very small since a last update!
Even if I zoom it to maximum it is only half size of the Android screen.
What is wrong? Is there a extra adjustment for the screen size?
I load a old version of my dash, the size is OK, but after some time it is small again. I use the Windows Realdash!
It seems, Realdash shrink the size alone, for a reason I dont understand.

Yes, this is a known issue. When you edit the dashboard on 2 different devices that have different screen aspect this will happen. There is no workaround as this is the way how dashboard loading is designed to make sure that dashboard elements stay in aspect and in correct relation to each other when loaded to different that designed aspect. Imagine that you have two devices, one has 16:10 and another 16:9 aspect screen:

  • You save dashboard in 16:10
  • You load it to 16:9 (which is wider), to show everything from 16:10 designed dashboard, it is loaded in a middle of 16:9 screen leaving some empty space on top and bottom.
  • Now you save the dashboard on 16:9 (still has empty space on top and bottom)
  • Next you load it to 16:10 and empty areas in top and bottom are still there as RealDash detects that dashboard is designed to 16:9 screen (last saved)
  • Do this a few times and dashboard will get smaller over time.

I recommend that always use same aspect ratio device to edit the dashboard, as every time it is saved it contains its “design aspect ratio”

So, is there a way to scale the design bigger again?
And: I can adjust the ratio in the Windows program, in the Android program I dont have it! :open_mouth:

Currently no. You can send me your .rd file and I can scale it back up for you.

The solution is that adjust window size on Windows version to match the aspect of your Android device. This will prevent this from happening in the future.

Hello Tomi,
I send you a file at your email, but no answer…

I have not got it. You can try the 1.8.2-beta1, which has option to scale entire dashboard up/down from ‘Page’ context menu.

Thank you, I like to try it!
Where I can download the beta??

by the way,
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The Beta can be downloaded from Play store by enrolling into the beta program. The beta is available for Android only as other stores do not offer similar system.

Thanks for the article, hopefully many will see it!

the function to adjust the screen size working well!!