SCS delta XML Confusion

Hi, firstly thanks to Jani for creating such a great app! Secondly I’m a complete noob with this so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction?

I’m having some issues getting (amongst other things) the coolant temp to display correctly using a can analyser.

I have downloaded the Scs delta XML from GitHub and modified slightly for my ecu (delta 900, which has slightly different CAN addresses to the gdi4)
I’ve also added the addresses for my zeitronix zt3can wideband which is now displaying in real dash but I can’t get the coolant temp to display correctly.

In real dash using the formula in the xml from gtihub it displays -10 at all times. If you change the display gauge minimum any lower is stays at -10 and if you set it to 0 it shows 0.
I have checked the address (30b) in the can monitor and it does change and increase as the engine temp increases.
If I mess with the conversion formula I get a value but it seems anything I try just returns the raw decoded hex value eg, 147 when the can monitor displays 93…
If I change it back to the original conversion formula V/1.59375-10 I get -10 displayed in RealDash again.

This is all very new to me and my first venture into reading CAN bus or editing XML’s so excuse my life go orange or if I’m doing something fundamentally wrong?

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.



can you post your XML code (only the coolant temp line) maybe something small you missed.
Also did you add anything in the “Gauge math” section ?


Here is the line.

That gives me -10

And if I use V/1.59375 or V*0.59375 or anything else I’ve tested it displays the raw value. It seems the only thing having an effect is the -10?

Here is the correct can table for my ECU.

I have just tried deleting all the conversions but n the xml and put the formula in gauge math instead and that seems to be showing a much more accurate number in the coolant gauge. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Thanks for pointing me to that s2k!)

I need to verify using the sxtune software to make sure it’s correct but it looks pretty good!

Any ideas why the xml isn’t working?