Seeedstudio CAN to Serial Analyser connectivity

Hi guys could someone help me with the xml files. How to make it match my can setup in ecu and is it necessery to add processing instructions?

link ecu.xml (1.54 KB)

RealDash already contains CAN XML files for Link ECU. Have you tried those? Those should be configured to match default CAN output of Link ECU.

Can you connect to LinkECU?
Have you checked this video?
_Here is a quick video showing how to set up the connection:!AiYbYlZQuRHPxSh4fEj7PSJbW2lG?e=Pll1MT_

I’m using Seeedstudio CAN Analyser with LinkECU.

Thanks for your replies guys. I made a custom file can you check if it looks ok ?
link ecu.xml (1.38 KB)
link ecu.xml (1.38 KB)

Per syntax they seem ok. I would add RPM, as many things in RealDash do not work if there is no RPM signal.

I think the length of Can Digital Input #2 should be 1 as same as the others.
<value name=“Can Digital Input #2” offset=“1” length=“2”>
If the length value is correct, the offset of Can Digital Input #3 must be 3.

Thank you guys. Its working well now

Hi. Dont know if some one can help me with that. I made an xml file that contain cruise status and cruise set value. Both values works, i made text gauge that shows when my cruise control is on or off. But when the value goes from enable to active, my text gauge see that change like it is at “off”.

Help please. Thanks

From the link ECU, the cruise active light status has 4 status’ that are output and they are in a decimal format.

0 = inactive
1= active
2 = off
3 = fault

You will need to dedicate 2 bits for the cruise control to show a value of 0-4 and set your indicator text to interpret that.