Separate zoom level for each page

Is it possible to add zoom level for each page inseat of the global one todby?

I use the dash that I bought and some of my own pages but I need to make the dash larger on the gauges page as I have wide aspect ratio screen and it is very small but with about 1.5 zoom is reasonable, but my other pages get all messed up and out of the screen.

Thanks for help.


Map zoom level is global and its not easy to change.

You can scale all gauges on page in edit mode with Context Menui->Page->Scale all up/down (Ctrl+8, Ctrl+9).

OK, that may work for now.

That must be new, do not remember seeing it.


Ok work for BMW but not for LFA.

I will be nice if there as a way to hold the button, as it take so many click to set set this.

In LFA gauge it work for main but when you tap on left side to change view they did not scale properly and run into main gauge.


I don’t fully understand what you mean. Please be more precise.

this is after reduction in zoom, gauges are no longer at correct place