Serial device not supported after update

I’m getting an error “link ecu not supported” after update. I’m running version 1.7.2. Vehicle ecu is link g4+

Was working before the update just fine.

As the USB library was changed you may need to set up the connection again in Garage. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I took a look at new USB code and indeed it may not detect Link ECU as it uses custom VID/PID. Unfortunately we do not have Link ECU in our test device set, its only tested on simulator and simulator has different Serial chip than actual ECU.

I can make you a quick test APK if you are willing to test it with your Link. Send me an email to if you are willing to try.

I got the confirmation from couple of sources that the fix works. I pushed 1.7.2-B injection update to Play store.

Hi i have just tried last update .b and in works on my monsoon link ecu selecting short datastream, with long it doesnt connect.

anyway good work!

You select between short and long datastream on PCLink software.

hello, we are having troubles with new g4x link ecus and realdash with new update .b not possible to connect to new ecus, with old g4+ no problem.


The latest update was tested by Link engineers and I was told that it works. Please contact Link if there is a specific setting in new ECU that needs to be set to enable the serial stream.

I Have talk with linkecu, sadly new g4x link ecus has no serial output… only way to use realdash is by obd2, that was the problem.

Another option is to use direct CAN connection with supported adapters:

We are currently working with Link to make a default CAN description XML file.

thats great!

do you advise me to wait for xml file? (even no sure if i will need to wire and obd2 port from linkecu and to use an obd2 bluetooth or will be necesary an especific device) or just go a head with the adapter you pasted on previous post?

I would use the CAN adapter instead of OBD2 as data rate will be much faster and its easier to configure with XML than OBD2.

adn advise me to buy one of those you posted or wait for your and link solution?

If you wan’t extra inputs, use SPLeinonen DashBox. If extra inputs are not needed use Seeedstudio CAN analyzer.

Only recently found this app and started using it.
Im about to do a boat with a link monsoon g4x.
I would like to use a tablet as the sole dash with your app.
So android based how would you suggest to attack this now link has changed its serial output

I still have not heard back from Link. I will poll their progress on CAN XML file.

which tool would you suggest to get to interface

See supported CAN adapters here:

We have had great success with SPLeinonen DashBox and Seeedstudio CAN Analyzer.