Service reminder reset

I’m sure it’s something simple but for the life of me I can’t find a service reminder reset button or a way to reset it. It’s been reminding me to perform service that I done already, thanks for adding that feature but I can’t find a way to reset it back to zero. Does anyone know?

I may have forgotten to implement it :smiley: Will check.


There is an action called ‘Reset Distance Until Next Service’, which you can tie into a button to reset it. I will add an option to reset this into Quick settings for the next release.

That would be awesome, thank you!

This is in 1.8.4-beta1. We replaced the ‘reset engine runtime’ with ‘reset service distance’.

In Garage, I have set the service interval as 12000 kms. I have set up text gauge with Input value as “distance to next service”. But this is showing 0. Where can I see the count down happening based on kms covered?

Maybe its run out already. Use the action or (1.8.4) Quick settings to reset the distance to next service.