Set gauge min/max/warnings from variables


Just got into RealDash and implementing into an open source project with electric cars.

One of the things I would like to do is be able to set the minimum, maximum, and warning levels of the gauges dynamically using commands from an arduino. I’ve seen gaugemath etc being used for other functions, but could it be used to set the actual gauge properties?

For example. In race A, I was my car’s target current to be 10A. I have this sent from the arduino over CAN and stored in a ‘Target Current’ variable in the XML. I would like the warning to be set to 150% of the target, and critical to be 200% of the target.

The trouble I think I have is how to reference the Target Current data when it doesn’t have it’s own Target ID?

Are dynamic gauges a feature that’s already implemented? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?!


You can use triggers and actions to make warnings.

you can also configure here:


Thank you, I’m aware of setting warning levels at fixed values, but I’m wondering if you can implement ‘calculations’ into the field?

Generally there is two places where you can add calculations:

  • XML description file has ‘conversion’ parameter for each value
  • Each gauge has ‘Gauge Math’ option in Look’n Feel.