Set odometer to correct milage

I’m struggling setting the odometer. From what I understand my car stores the odometer reading in the instrument cluster and the ecu increments the cluster reading as the card is driven.

I want to set the odometer to the cars mileage then I’m guessing real dash can increment the mileage from there

I tried sending 75415.46km to ID 310 in my can xml which works but then it goes back to 0 when I remove that line from my xml.

I tried doing a button and sending value 75415 to dummy 02 then in input mapping I had odometer set off of dummy 02, that also works but then also goes back to 0

What is the difference between odometer / Car electronics and odometer calculated?

I also see something about 2103 from the odb possibly being an odometer reading, I also tried an odb xml sending 2103 to 310, I get nothing from that. 2103 reads 7x2111 when I query it from the odb2 monitor.

How do I get the odometer caught up to the cars milage?

Try to set the odometer start value from Garage. Go to the Garage and tap the title bar with your vehicle name. Then adjust the odometer value.

Thank you exactly what I was looking for and could not find that setting.

So this works until I turn the car off then the milage resets back to 0. Does realdash not save the calculated mileage?

Yes it does. Have you updated to the latest version of RealDash, as couple of previous versions had file handling issues on Android 10>.

I’m on Android 9, I did an update this morning.
If I goto Garage → top tool bar → mileage set the mileage and go back to the dash the mileage is there.
If I goto Garage - Adapters → back to dash Mileage is back to 0

I also tried on an Android 10 box fresh install with the default dash and following those steps odometer goes back to 0

Alright, will try the same steps to find this problem.

Edit: I think I found it. Fix will be in next release.