Set the RGB color of any element from the conditions

Greetings. I hope many will support me so that RealDash has the opportunity to set the RGB color and alpha transparency of the sensors according to the conditions. For example:
If value = 1 set
R = 200
G = 150
B = 50
A = 20
If value = 0 set
R = 50
G = 255
B = 100
A = 255

Or simply add to the input sources, for example, to the “others” the ability to set the color and transparency with the choice of any element. So that you can then bind this source to a slider, for example

Who will support me?

I can see multiple ways to do that now.

The first method is to use the critical or warning value. Set your gauge to use Dummy01 as its value, with 1 being critical. Then set the critical colors, etc. Then setup a trigger to set Dummy01 to 1 if , and another to set Dummy01 to 0 if . This way, you could potentially do three colors using Dummy01 0-2

The second method is similar to above, but to use Show/Hide Gauge. This is the method I use to make my whole bar gauge change colors if my coolant temperature is above 220. I have 2 actions. One to Show Critical Temp Gauge, and one to Hide it. You could also add one to Show/Hide your other item. One trigger is set that if temp >= 220, show critical gauge. Another is set that if temp <220, Hide critical gauge.

I have a little about that. According to your recommendations, everything is clear. I already use these methods. We are talking about a detailed change in colors directly when using, and not when 1…2…3 from color to color …)]