Setting Fuel Consumption (Instant)

I have the CAN Bus signal for the instant fuel consumption of my Toyota. I created two Text gauges. 1) Toyota Fuel Use which I then mapped to the Fuel Consumption (Instant) Var. When I created a second Text gauges to display the Fuel Consumption (Instant) it is always 0.

Is the the Fuel Consumption (Instant) something I can define from data given by the truck or is it calculated from Gear, Engine Settings in the RealDash Garage?

Also using my Instant Fuel Consumption, I am able to calculate instant MPG. Is there a way to define a rolling avg of my instant MPG? For instance set an array of 500 values. Every second write a new value to the array, and display the Avg of the array to have an Avg MPG. (Once you get to the end of the array just start over at postion 1 rewriting over the old data)

I have to check, it could be that current Fuel Consumption (instant) input is always calculated and does not accept input mapping.

Being able to map the Fuel Consumption (Instant) to my data from my truck would allow me to then be able to display an Avg. MPG and Range.

I still think it would be cool to have a rolling range option. I could just take the Avg of the last 500 Instant MPGs to display 1 Avg MPG. (I know this can also be calculated using Trip Distance and Fuel Used )

The rolling Avg would also help with smoothing the Fuel Level. I display mine in Gallons from the CAN Bus signal and if I hit the brakes hard it changes drastically. If I could display the Avg. of say the last 10 fuel level readings it would be a lot more smooth.