Short video mp4

I am adding a short video to the panel!
But I catch an interesting glitch from time to time.
Sometimes this video starts playing first with a blank screen, and somewhere by the 2nd second of playback, I can see the video!
The video itself is 4 seconds long!
The essence of the problem is that if I program the required start time, for example, immediately after the application starts, then through:
1 second I will see emptiness
2 seconds - emptiness
3 seconds - 3rd second of the video itself
4 seconds - 4th second video end

T, e in time it plays correctly - exactly 4 seconds, but visually I see only the ending!
But this is not always, sometimes everything is good!
but more often than not!

First thing to check is that you do not have any actions for video playback that may trigger constantly messing up the video playback. Make a simple video-only dashboard to confirm that video itself works.

I created exactly an empty panel with only one video! The long video works, but the short video doesn’t, but I sent you the file by mail!

I tested the video file that you sent over email. It works just fine on two Android devices, but on Windows it causes an exception on msmpeg2vdev. There is something fishy with the codec file was saved on.
Screenshot 2020-11-23 15.27.26.png

Good. I will recode the Video!
Those. should such short videos work without problems? I understand correctly?
What are the best formats for RD on android?
Or rather, what codecs does RealDash play best?

Generally your short video (<1sec) worked fine on my test (Android) devices.

Codecs are dependent on the system, not RealDash.

I understood! Then I’ll figure it out!