Signal freezing using Arduino


I am trying to setup a realdash can Arduino so that can use inputs for turn signals and other dash indicators. I used the example on GitHub and have everything loaded. I am working on a Arduino uno.

When I start the example .Rd file the connection will freeze for 5-7 sec then broadcast data for 1-2 sec and Start the cycle over and repeat. I played with the baud rate but it had limited affect. I passed down the xml and .io file to only have the digital and analog broadcasting.

When on the can monitor I can watch the values change and broadcast for multiple minutes without an issue.

I am on a new Samsung tab A 10.1" as well.

Can you help me think of what could affect the speed or why it’s freezing on the GUI side? This seems pretty straight forward.


Check that you have imported the correct XML into connection settings. If RealDash does not recognize any incoming frames for a couple of seconds it will attempt to reconnect automatically.

Here is a video, this is with the code supplied from github, as we can see there are values being shown in the 3 channels, I add voltage to the analog pin and the values change. I flip back to the arduino.rd and then we get the GUI freezing. It only shows data stream for 2 sec then cuts out. During it cutting in and out you can see the analog values change as the voltage is applied.

I even loaded up the C8.rd and it still freezes the GUI the same way.

I tried parsing down both the code and xml to include just 1 analog and 1 digital and I am still getting the freezing. I even created a page with only 1 gauge and it still did the freezing.

I’m pretty lost from here…could there be an Issue with the latest version?

Ok, thanks. I will run some tests.

Last night I removed all digital and analog parts of the code for both the xml and io files so that it was just streaming the rpm, coolant temp, iat, ect… Even when doing this is still would freeze the GUI. I tried it on another device and same thing. It almost seems like a error of maxing out a memory then starting over. Last think I can think of it’s my arduino. I will get another this weekend and test it and report back. Thanks for taking a look.

Btw I tried the two way communication io and it had the same issue.

Tried both examples running RealDash on Windows and with 2 Android devices. Connected with direct USB and with HC-05 Bluetooth. I could not reproduce any problem with the connection :frowning:

Awesome thanks for doing some testing I will try to get another Arduino and see if that fixes the issue.

Ok so I have tried 3 arduino…

Arduino Uno is the only one I can get to connect but I get the data freeze.

I tried an adafruit feather board M0 basic and it would not connect. It would recognize but in the CAN monitor it would Timeout

Finally today I got a brand new Arduino micro and even then it’s recognized and gets the same Timeout.

I have also tried different cables as I know this can be an issue.

Can you please let me know what Arduino you are using, or atleast give me ideas on why I would be getting the time out when connecting.

When the Arduino is connected to the PC I see data being sent in the serial monitor.


I also saw you tried the HC 05 Bluetooth. I’ll order one of those and see if it has a better connection than through serial. I saw two other threads that had the same issue of the intermittent data from Arduino Can on the forum without a fix, but they did say the data worked over WiFi/BT ok.

We use Arduino Nanos and its built in serial and HC-05 Bluetooth adapters for testing purposes. And as said earlier we are unable to reproduce this problem on Windows nor Android.

Good news, got a hc-05 to transmit data and it does not have the freezing issue anymore.


I just connect my HC-05 to arduino uno instead of serial connection, and it is slower than USB. So i increase the BT baud rate to 115200 and now the response is great.

What adapters were you using for a wired connection? I’ve found that if the voltages are off just a little (Less than 4 .5v) then realdash will interpret the data incorrectly and cause timeouts.

Are you using USSB/Serial wire or wireless option? We know from experience with android tablets; The tablet will constantly stop what it is doing and try to connect with google server to exchange data and metadata (Google data gathering and such) over wireless. If your tablet does NOT have a solid internet connection, it will pause regularly and try to find a path back to Google servers. The cycle rate you describe is exactly the time frame we saw before-very annoying and frustrating.

If you have an android phone with data connection, try it. I bet you will NOT see the delay…Otherwise hard wire the tablet with USB serial cable.