Signal structure

I’m sorry, maybe I didn’t find a suitable answer, so I’ll ask.
What signal structure is suitable (allowed) for Realdash from CAN:
one packet - one signal {44 33 22 11 xx xx},
or a bunch of signals in one packet {44 33 22 11 xx xx 44 33 22 11 xx xx}?
Or will the program handle both versions of packages in the same stable way?

Moved to ‘RealDash CAN’

RealDash CAN frame is always in format using 16 bytes:
0x44 0x33 0x22 0x11 canid canid canid canid xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx

Where canid is CAN frame id number as 32bit unsigned value in little endian. All 8 data bytes must be included, set unused bytes to 0.

Multiple CAN frames are sent as a stream one after another.

So it doesn’t make sense to combine several CAN frames into one RealDash CAN frame?

I don’t understand what you mean. Its impossible to ‘combine’ several CAN frames into one CAN frame. You can carry multiple values in one CAN frame naturally.