Skin in progress for my NC Miata

currently on my phone + elm327BT

Quite a number of basic needle gauges, piled on one another. Not as fancy as what I saw on the forum, but my priority was on practicality with big rpm & big speed.

Red zone at 5000 rpm on an MC Miata? what can I say, I’m old.

I realize I still have 3 voltage indicators (2 needles+ 1 text). Still making my mind.

A question : I hoped the 3 odometers (“from new”+tripA+tripB) would copy the values of the OEM dashboard. They don’t. At every connection, they all reset at zero. Any chance I missed anything ?

MX75NC in Paris FR

this one is a little more classic.
Still struggling with the informations I want vs what’s available on my OBD2

I know I shouldn’t look for boost on a N/A car, but my MAP value is highly unsatisfactory :
20 on engine brake, 30 at idle, 100~101 at wot. What unit is that ?

Lots of fun !!

Manifold absolute pressure is shown in kilopascals, and values that you mention sounds about right for a NA engine. You can use calculated values->boost instead to see negative boost in BAR or PSI.

… converging …