Smoothing THE SENSOR

Hello. I think if you add the anti-aliasing setting for normal, warning and beyond.
This can help solve problems with fuel level sensors, since smoothing is required more at a low fuel level than at a high fuel level.
In any case, it should be useful.

Fuel level sensor already has its own, dedicated smoothing algorithm and this setting would not make any difference on that case. Are you still having problems with fuel level smoothing?

YES, there are still problems, but minor ones. In general, everything works as it should. RD in this case has nothing to do with it. The whole problem is in the resistive pointer in the tank. The fact is that when the tank is more than half full, the fuel indicator is quite static and does not deviate much when driving.
Problems begin when the fuel level drops below half. When driving, the fuel in the tank swings strongly and the level sensor dangles like a “damn”. No smoothing helps here. Rather, only the maximum smoothing helps. But then the readings are too slow on a full tank.
I think that it would somehow separate the cutlets from the flies and the program could understand when the tank is full or empty in order to adjust the level of smoothing as the tank is filled.
But again, when refueling, when the car is stationary, the data should change faster than when driving.

You can get out of the situation and make several sensors with different smoothing, but I think it is much easier and more reliable to give a different smoothing to each of the levels( normal, warning and critical)

Hi guys
I have another issue with smoothing. this time with the Gear. Could i disable gear anti-aliasing somehow? For example, if I rode on 4th gear and then turn N, I don’t want to see quickly blinking “3”, “2”, “1” etc. (This is real scenario - my motorcycle doesn’t have a gear sensor, so my adapter calculate it and it don’t send gear to RD while clutch lever is pressed)

We have tried this but it causes too much delay on normal operation of gear display.

This will be in next release of RealDash.

Thanks. This is good news.