solution to Engine Swap

Hi, please help me find a solution to a problem I have created

I have a 2001 ford focus with a Toyota engine in the front.
I want to maintain the standard dashboard appearance but the standard dashboard is run by the standard engine ECU which is no longer present, the standard ECU uses a proprietary CAN system (J1850PWM) which I am unable to replicate to drive the standard dash gauges.

my next idea was to use a screen like this…

fitted behind the standard fascia of the fords gauges seen here

with a Realdash setup to replicate the standard look but be customised to fit my needs
(Speedometer, RPM, Boost, Coolant temp, Fuel level)

this seems to be achievable?

currently my problems are that I have analogue signals from the engine (RPM & Coolant temp), analogue signal from the car (fuel level) and nothing for boost and speedometer yet. Boost would be fairly simple to get a digital signal from a MAP sensor somewhere but I don’t yet have a solution for the speedometer.

so how do i blend all of this together to get a standard looking dashboard with a modern twist using the signals I currently have?

end goal is to upgrade the ECU from the standard Toyota to an aftermarket which supports something like this as i guess that would make my life much easier, but for the time being my options are currently limited.

Id appreciate any help with this project as i don’t have many other options beyond spending a fortune on individual gauges

What signs were you able to read with Realdash?

I havent used Realdash yet