[SOLVED] Can I trigger an action in RealDash via RealDashCAN?

I’m still in very early stages of figuring out how I’m going to set this all up for my car - but I was wondering, with a tablet and such, if you tap on the screen on the speedo for example, you can cycle between different layouts…

Is it possible to do the same function via RealDashCAN?

So basically, using an Arduino via RealDashCAN, if I had a push button (Digital Input) connected to the Arduino, when I press the button, it would do the same function as when tapping - so it would cycle the layout?

Is there a Target ID for example that would mimic that function of cycling through the layouts for a dash?

Does that question make sense?

I’m using a VIM 3 Pro with a 10.3" HDMI screen, which does NOT have touch (It’s not a touchscreen display)

Meaning I’m obviously unable to touch the screen to cycle layouts. So I was wondering if it’s possible to use hardware buttons on the Arduino, to trigger the same function?

Sure. Almost all our dashboard cycle thru with steering wheel button 1 and 2 (id 188 and 189). Just send value 1 to either one followed by 0 say 200ms later to simulate the button press.

Ahh perfect! I didn’t realise that was the “steering wheel” button stuff!


Could you please explain more how to make it act as button? How to select the 200 ms ?

I was referring that you can simulate a button press on a custom hardware device just by sending value 1 followed by value 0 to a steering wheel button inputs. This was not a reference to any RealDash settings.