Song artist with internal player

I’m using RealDash as the music player, to play mp3 stored on a usb drive.

It’s working but I don’t understand why in the gauge displaying the “Current artist”, for the 90% of the songs, it displays the title of the songs instead of the artist, only with some song it displays correctly the artist.

All my mp3 files are correct, all of them with the correct id3 tags, v1 and v2, I’ve already checked.

You are running on Android? Send me one of your mp3 files that shows incorrect info and I will check. Send to

Thanks a lot, I have mailed you! :wink:

And yes, I’m running on Android.

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Found the problem and fix will be in next 1.7.8 release. Thank you for your help.

That’s a great news, thank you a lot!

Just because I’m curious, and I’m in the IT, if I may ask, why different things displayed, with two file, theoretically identical?

Anyway, thanks again! :wink:

Another file had artist info with different metadata tag than another. It was called ‘Contributing Artist’. Now I just added simple code to check if typical ‘Artist’ was not found, the ‘Contributing Artist’ is used instead.

So strange, the files are tagged with the sam program in the same way, but so good you have found that!

So, can we hope for an update to fix that, sooner or later? :wink: