Speed Calculation / RPM with Dashbox

Hey guys,

in a project, I’m thinking About using Dashbox from SPLeinonen.
I’m missing a few digital Inputs, but I think analog Inputs will also work and to the Transition to 0/1 in RealDash.
Due to the fact it’s an old car, I wonder how to do the calculation for Speed (i just have a speedpulse source) and RPM (number of ignition pulses) ? :question: :bulb:

Would be great if you can give me an idea… :mrgreen:

Kind regards,

Hi Martin,

Analog inputs work just in the way you describe. There is 2pcs 0-18V inputs and those are good also for +12V.

Are You able to use GPS? It’s been quite popular and it is also accurate. What kind of speedpulse source You have? Is it VR or Hall type sensor? I have been thinking to do converter inside box what read VR sensor pulses for speed but it’s here yet…

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The analog inputs will not be a problem i think, maybe if I need more with 18V I can do a conversion to 5V externally.
Speedpulse source I will check!

GPS not possible unfortunately, the tablet has none and USB is blocked for charging… :unamused:
And I didn’t find a way to use the Fire HD8 in dual charging and OTG mode.

Just checking my options ATM, building an Arduino to RealDash-CAN-Device would be possible, but using Dashbox much easier!

Kind regards,