Speeduino 202305

Hi, there’s a new release of Speeduino - 202305. Using the old .ini file, RealDash connects OK, but some values aren’t refreshed correctly (e.g. advance). Using the new 202305.ini, it won’t connect at all.
Do you have any ideas?


I will check if there is something obvious with new ini. Unfortunately we do not have Speeduino to test on so our testing is bit limited.

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202305 ini file seems to import just fine, otherwise I’m not able to test further. Maybe you could send a debug log?

One thing you could try is to use ‘rusEFI’ connection type and import the Speeduino ini. The connection types are internally very similar.

Thanks, I’ll try both and I’m sure I’ll be back.

Hi, Configuring as Rusefi behaved the same as Speeduino - no connection.
I’ve just captured a serial log and hit ‘send to developers’.
Do you need any extra info to identify it?

Thanks :pray:

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I will find it. Will check soon.

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Hi Did you find the issue with this.

Not really. The log shows that RealDash sends the data request command ‘A’ to the Speeduino and just receives nothing back. Maybe the ‘A’ command has been removed from latest firmware?

No, I believe ‘A’ is the preferred command. I think the amount of data returned might have increased a fair bit, could that be relevant?

Per log there is 0 bytes received.

I would really need a actual ECU to work on this :frowning:

Hey guys, thought I’d jump in with some details of what changed in the latest Speeduino firmware release which may have an impact. The firmware has supported both the legacy simple serial protocol and the newer ‘envelope’ CRC format for a little while now, but in an attempt to reduce the problems that the old protocol can cause, the latest version will stop accepting any requests in that format if a successful request using the new protocol has been made (Since the serial port was opened).

If you connect with the latest firmware and simply issue an ‘A’ command, then it will respond the same way it has in the past. If you connect, issue a command using the new protocol and then issue an ‘A’ command, it will not work as it assumes all future comms will use the new protocol.

I’m not sure what ‘handshaking’ or init type commands RealDash is sending before it issues an ‘A’ command, but I suspect this might be the cause of the problem?

Just checked the code and only thing RealDash ever sends to Speeduino is ‘A’. So this is the sequence:

  1. Read the ini file and attempt to map values to RD inputs. Also, the ‘ochBlockSize’ is read from ini and stored for later use.
  2. When connected, RD sends ‘A’
  3. RD expects to get ‘ochBlockSize’ amount of bytes from the connection.
  4. Bytes are processed and values set to RD inputs.
  5. RD sends ‘A’
  6. GOTO 3.

Thats in ‘Serial0’ connection. The ‘Serial3’ connection works similar, but it seems like Speeduino will echo the ‘A’ back to RD, which is skipped in data handling.

I’d be happy to implement another/newer protocol for Speeduino, but as we have learned it is time consuming and error prone without the actual device in hand. I hope developers of Speeduino will send us a sample device to solve these issues.

I can see ochBlockSize has changed between the two ini files. 122 vs 127.
I just did a quick test and changed ochBlockSize in the new ini file to the old value and RD connects. I’ll have to wait a while to see if its really working correctly (while the car battery charges).

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any solution about this? I have the same problem in version 202305

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How’s any update or solution?

@noisymime just committed a temporary workaround to Speeduino for this. So you could try using ‘master’ from speedyloader. I believe (I could be wrong) it expects to work with the old (202207) ini file, so if you’ve updated to the 202305 ini file, you’d need to revert.


Thanks for the update, looking on github it appears to have been implemented into the latest firmware?


Its in the master build that you can get from speedyloader, but there hasn’t been an official release yet.

Ok cool I can run the speedloader app and it’ll update with latest changes?.

Yes, if you select master in speedyloader, it’ll always include the latest commits.
This may not always be a good thing - new features don’t always work and sometimes break old features, so in general best to use official releases unless you know you specifically need something recently committed. (Like this case)