Speeduino no connection

After the last update, speeduino no longer connects, if I select megasquirt and point to the speeduino.ini file, it connects, without the speeduino resources, but connects, shows rpm and other information.

Serial 3 has not been connecting for some time. Now serial 0 is trying to connect and never does.

That is odd, as there should be no changes for that. I will test with simulator.

Edit: I tested the connection with simulator and it works. Have you noted that by default RealDash assumes August 2020 Speeduino firmware? If you are using any other firmware, you need to import the ini file into settings.

Previous firmware had less data on stream. RealDash reads the ‘ochBlockSize’ from ini and starts receiving the data. If not enough data is received connection timeouts and attempts again.

Do you know where I could find the latest specs on serial3? It seems to be outdated.

I did the test on my phone too, and it doesn’t connect, it doesn’t connect to Khadas Vim 1. I removed Realdash 1.8.0 and installed version 1.7.9 and it connects instantly, both on Khadas vim 1 and Xiaomi Mi cell phone 9 Lite, after upgrading to version 1.8.0, no longer connects. In version 1.7.9 I don’t have the problem of overlapping the gear information with the Speeduino information. About information from serial 3, there is Josh’s github, or maybe contact him via facebook. Thanks.

I connect speeduino with a bluetooth 4.0 HM10 module

Ok, I will check if there is something in BLE code path, but if you are able to connect with Megasquirt connection type that should not be a case.

I found a problem in 1.8.0 Android BLE implementation that may have caused HM-10 module not to connect. This would have affected all connection types though, including Megasquirt.

Did you find the solution? Will there be a beta version? Thank you.

The RealDash 1.8.1-beta1 has been uploaded to play store. It has the BLE connection fix. Please report back if it works for you.


Serial 0 is working fine. Serial 3 still does not connect. Thanks for the correction.

Only documentation I could find is this one (updated 2017):

RealDash serial3 implementation matches this spec 1:1 and has been unchanged since first implementation.