Speeduino not working on latest firmware

Can’t seem to get realdash working from either serial 0 or 3 using usb cable, many on the forum are reporting it’s not working with the latest firmware. It reads garbage then realdash bombs out on android.

Any idea?

No, sorry. We do not have Speeduino to test on and manufacturer has not been willing to send a sample.

I can help if you want with logs etc/test program etc would that help?

We have been trying to fix connectivity issues with Speeduino remotely by looking at the logs but it has not been successful in the past. It also takes a lot of time and guesswork. I’m not willing to use that time anymore as new problems arise with each firmware release.

I’m not saying that the problem is not in RealDash. It definitely is, I’m just tired of trying to fix it blindly and with guesswork.

Is a bare arduino mega not enough? it’ll certainly load the firmware and output some log values. I guess would need a stimulator too to get sensible logging of ‘real’ values like RPM.

I know this is back a bit, but did this ever get sorted, Realdash doesnt connect with the latest 202402 firmware either, it connects fine thru Bluetooth.

No, sorry :frowning: I’m unable to test and fix without the ECU in hand. I got some tips how to build it myself, but I just do not have time for that.

Hi I did manage to get it somewhat working by selecting the Megasquirt ECU and selecting the latest speeduino ini file, The only guages I could see that werent working were the oil and fuel pressure guages.

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