Speeduino, vss not working

Got speeduino to connect to realdash through serial 3 using ch340 based wired adapter. Everything works but i have no vss, i dont know if the issue is with speeduino or realdash or fw (202305). Id like to get RD working cause i dont have a speedometer in my car rn and am tired of using phone gps :D.

To my knowledge, serial3 does not output vss (at least the built-in serial3 ini does not have that). Speeduino has been problematic, as we have no device to test on, just fixing blindly :frowning:

would this work? prob gonna try today

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It worked. :tada: For everyone who has the same issue try this.

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You dont need the actual I/O shield to put on top, the firmware runs straight off a bare arduino mega.

Is there a way to change what value the gear calculator uses for speed? Because my vss is now coming in as status.canin[5] and gear gauge uses just vss. Or one solution would be to make my own gauge if possible? Any help is welcome.

Gear calculation is done from speed source set on ‘Settings->Units & Values’.

You can also set custom speed source from ‘Settings->Units & Values->Input Mapping’. Set that Vehicle Speed is from your custom value.

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