Spotify... How to?

I’ve trawled this forum and the Internet and I can’t find anything on how to setup Spotify to work with Realdash.
My Android is set to allow Realdash to read notifications (As far as I know. android 7.1)
Spotify is set for Data cast

If I download the example that has a music player (Yellow background with black play controls) it does nothing.
In fact, none of the dashes seem to work with Spotify.

What am I missing? Is there a step by step guide for Android?

I’m keen because it’s now installed in my car but I can’t play music. Other than that. Realdash is AWESOME!!

I’m using the default Dash in this photo, which also has a music player part… No dice here either.

Thanks heaps :smiley:

And ain’t that just the way… Found it!!!

I was using slightly off search terms so when I searched for “App notifications on Android 7.1” (Rather than specific to RealDash) I found it… hopefully it helps someone else:

To find this setting on ANDROID 7.x.x. , open Settings > Apps > click cogwheel > Special Access > Notification access > And you will see RealDash sat in that list. Turn it on.

All working now! :slight_smile:

Good to hear. Its a mess on Android as this setting is in different place on almost every Android version.