Spotify not working

I have tried everything I can find on this forum regarding attempts to get spotify on my realdash app (2.3.8-2) to recieve the broadcast from my android. I know I am broadcasting spotify, and i know the raspberry pi5 is receiving the broadcast, because i added the spotify player to the desktop and it picks it up, displays, and controls spotify on my phone. I also have allowed notifications for spotify on my android phone.

Somehow I fail to follow your setup. Is it:

  • You have an Android Phone with Spotify and RealDash running.
  • You want to use Data Multicasting (Don’t know what you refer with ‘broadcasting’) from Android device to Raspberry Pi5 to see music info?

Please give more details.

I’m running real dash on a raspberry pi 5, Spotify is running on my phone and broadcasting Spotify to nearby devices, but the Spotify on the realdash is not receiving the broadcast to display the info on the music player. Hope this makes better sense.

Before the next question you may ask, is do I have Spotify selected on the realdash app, that answer is yes.

I also have Spotify set to allow to send notifications from my phone. Not sure if that matters but I read a post on here where that fixed someone else’s issue they were having with getting Spotify to work. So how exactly does Spotify work on realdash? Is it a built in app?, or just a extension which receives Spotify broadcasting from other devices?

???any ideas??? Not sure how to get Spotify working on realdash.

RealDash has no functionality to receive Bluetooth audio streams. RealDash is able to:

  • Control playback of the Spotify on same local device (next song, pause etc)
  • Show song information and album art (again, when running on same device with Spotify)
  • In addition, RealDash can share song info and album art to another instance of RealDash with Data Multicasting option.

So if I want to use Spotify please explain step by step the process to get it working and displaying music info on realdash. You say it displays the info from the local device… You mean the raspberry pi? Will I need to download the app to the pi first? Not sure I understand. Sorry. I ask because currently selecting Spotify from openauto pro settings does nothing. Also having the same trouble understanding how the GPS displays to realdash as well. Where does the info for both Spotify and GPS originate from?, from what source?

How does Spotify sync across devices?

To use Spotify Connect, log into Spotify on two devices. Play a song on one device, and tap the monitor and speaker icon. Select a second device from the menu. Control the other device with your first device by using Spotify as normal.Mar 23, 2024<<<

Does Realdash use ^^Spotify Connect?^^

“How does the embedded Spotify on Realdash Work?”

I am running a dual screen set-up with both realdash and openauto pro. I (broadcast) or stream Spotify via Bluetooth from my android phone to my openauto pro while it outputs the audio thru the speakers, and then also… I am wanting to see the music info displayed at the same time on the realdash dashboard side. How can I accomplish this?

I do have the Spotify app loaded on the Pi5 bookworm desktop, which is the screen on the left running Realdash. With realdash closed, I can open the Spotify app on Rpi and then my phone and establish the connection. I can see both playing the same song simultaneously, I then can open realdash and see nothing happening on the music player. So how can I establish the equivalent connection with realdash?

No. As I explained, RealDash is capable of controlling music playback and show music info when running on the same device with Spotify.

Ok and you are right about that, but that’s what I had explained in my previous post. I do have Spotify on the raspberry pi, and when I open realdash it doesn’t do anything… So how does Spotify on (realdash) find other Spotify programs running to control them, because mine doesn’t. The Spotify on Realdash doesn’t connect with Spotify on the local device, how do I fix this to make it work?

It has been a long time since I last tested Spotify controls on Linux, but on Android it works like this:

  • On Android settings, allow RealDash access to your device notifications.
  • Open RealDash and go to ‘Settings->User->Music Player’ and select Spotify.
  • Open Spotify playing to the background.
  • Now you can control next/previous song, play & pause from RealDash. Song info and album art will also appear when song changes.