start/shutdown on charging events doesn't works on android 9.0

Dear realdashdev

I face an issue for start/shutdown on charging events doesn’t works on my new lenovo tab m8.

I have other 2 devices Nexus 7 (android 4.4) and mi note LTE(android 6.0).

There are works fine with start/shutdown on charging events on these 2 devices.

Only the new one tablet android 9.0 doesn’t works.

Pleases to inform me how to solve this issue or how to let realdash auto switch on when charging .

Thank you.


This is a known issue as Android 9.0 introduced an security policy that do not allow Android activities to monitor charging state while they are not active. There is no known (at least for me) workaround for this currently :frowning:

Macrodroid or some other automation tool can do this (I think)

I have realdash start up and shutdown on bluetooth connection status (for example)

This search might be useful :


I find an aProfiles app on google play store.

This app solved my issue.

Thanks for your support.

Third party app can solved this issue.

Thanks for your information.