Startup animation problem


Below is a link to two stages of my custom dashboard under development. In the earlier one the tacho sweep at startup works as expected. After adding further elements, the startup animation is not working. In case the whole dash is not now working at all I want to troubleshoot and fix before adding further elements. The fault is apparent on all my test and development devices - Win 10, Android tablet, and Android emulator.

I’ve not found any other reports of startup animation failing so would appreciate tips on debugging this or even suggestions as to what the cause might be.


Ok, ignore my previous post. I’ve tracked down the lack of tacho startup animation to putting the tacho in a container. What do I need to do to make startup animations work for gauges in a container?

This is a bug in RealDash. Will fix into next release.

Many thanks. Does it affect operation in any other ways? Useful to know.

ETA for next release? Again, useful to know, not pushing :wink:

Related question - is it ok to nest containers? For example container to group odometer and trip placed on tachometer which is itself within a container

There is no other container related bugs that we are aware of. Hope to push update in mid next week.

Just use the containers in any way possible, let us know if you find any more problems.

I can confirm fixed.

Brilliant product, brilliant support.

Thank you!