Suggestion for tablet

Hi there

I could need some advice regarding which tablet device I should go for. I have been an Apple user for many years, and pr. now has an iPad Mini 4 as I hoped to use as dashboard unit in my XC70 (more or less).
The main things I would use it for is RealDash and navigation. Therefore I don’t need the most expensive one, and I like the size of the 7,9" the iPad mini has. The main problem is that mine is the WiFi version, and without the 4G it’s useless as GPS.

I am also considering trying out android devices. As said; Don’t have to be the most expensive tablet, but if there is an ok tablet around 8" suggestions out there I’d appreciate that. What do all the others in here use? :slight_smile:
(I am not locked to the size tho, but I will have to exchange my Brodie tablet holder if it exceeds 8") :slight_smile:

Android devices have the most supported features, like USB and traditional Bluetooth connectivity. And generally they run better on comparable hardware than iOS or Windows versions. In that sense Android devices are best for DIY dash setups.

As for what device to buy; Can’t really recommend any specific device. Any new Android device is powerful enough to run RealDash. Buy the one with biggest screen you can fit, and what otherwise pleases you the most.

I can recommend the Samsung Tab S4 .
I use one one as my dash in my car