Sunlight readable display

Hello everyone,
I’m moving to speeduino as ecu for my motorbike and I’d like to monitor the additional values and parameters it provides. Realdash looks to be the neat n sleek solution i’ve been looking for but i will need a display hardware for it. Something wide around 10” to replace all the oem analog gauges or a lil square one, like 5” to fit in a square area of the dash keeping analog tacho and revs.

Do you any valid product, series, manufacturer which makes this kind of device ? There are thousands of devices on the market but display brightness and contrast are parameters frequently arbitrarily declared, so I’d like to know from someone e who has hands on experience.

Thank you,

The practice is that the display does not reflect sunlight, but instead shines from the inside against the light! Therefore, to find something that will be brighter than the sun’s rays, alas, will come out vryatli!
Here the rule is: “The brighter the better!”
Think about tilting the display to the viewing angle and also think about the visor so that the display is constantly in the shade!
And you will be happy!

Hi Giacomo,
I was testing many devices, right now I use this Android Radio:

10" glass display, not deep, verrry bright, the price is good and USB ports working. Android 9.1 (not the ugly Go version) with 2GB RAM.
CON: Have a preinstalled user interface and it seems, it can not be changed…

Greetings, Michael