Support multi window

Hi all.

In certain countries
User cannot use maps or navigation apps supported by Real Dash. It’s useless.

As far as I know, certain navigation apps (e.g. Korea’s T-Map) cannot be included in Real Dash.
Please let me know if this can be included.

So I am looking for a way.
In recent Android versions
Supports multiple windows,
If user can display Real Dash in big one of those windows and a specific navigation in the other small window,
User will be able to view Real Dash and navigation at the same time while driving.
Some device is very wide.

Can we make this possible?
There can be an option to enable it.

Thank you.

There has been discussions about this over the years, but the fact is that RealDash and its dashboards do not scale well into add aspect ratios. You would end up with dashboards that have a lot of unused space around, hence we have decided that we will not support multi window on Android.

To my knowledge it is possible to overlay Google Maps on top of RealDash. I do not know if this option is available with other navigation software too.

Thanks for updating.

Is not possible screen split as well?

Yes Google maps can overlay but it has only fixed positions on the screen. It is not freely movable to position it anywhere you want. Any idea how to do this, anyone?

I have tried Waze but it does not overlay.