Supported voice commands

RealDash implements voice commands on all Android, Windows and iOS. On Apple devices iOS 10 or newer is required.

Currently English and Finnish voice commands are supported.

To enable voice commands in RealDash go to Settings->Notifications and enable ‘USE VOICE COMMANDS’ option. When voice commands are enabled, touch and briefly hold screen. This is the default behaviour as continuous detection of voice commands uses battery, and may lead to heavy network usage.

The voice command detection can be also started with RealDash Triggers & Actions system.

For smooth operation of voice recognition, it is recommended to download speech recognition database to enable offline usage:

Open Android device Settings
‘Languages & Input’
‘Virtual Keyboard’
‘Google voice typing’
‘Offline speech recognition’ and download the language for offline use.

Windows 10:
It seems like currently it is not possible to use offline speech recognition with Windows 10.

This works only on some iOS devices.

Open device Settings
Scroll down a bit until you see the “Dictation” section. If you own a supported device that is set to the right language, you should be able to download the offline dictation files from here.

Supported voice commands:

'next song'
'previous song'
'play music'
'pause music'
'read error codes'
'clear error codes'
'reset trip meter'
'reset average speed'
'reset average fuel consumption'
'reset engine runtime'
'start lds' or 'start live data streaming'
'stop lds' or 'stop live data streaming'
'next page'
'previous page'
'navigate to' -> followed by desired destination, for example 'Navigate to 221B Baker Street, London.
'stop navigation'
'start data logging'.
'stop data logging'.
'set tank full'.
'set tank # litres' -> any number on #.
'set tank # gallons' -> any number on #.
'increase volume', 'volume up', 'add volume', 'more volume' -> volume up by 10%.
'decrease volume', 'volume down', 'less volume' -> volume down by 10%.
'mute volume', 'minimum volume', 'set volume to mute/minimum'
'set volume to # percent', 'set volume to #', 'volume to #'
'increase brightness', 'brightness up', 'add brightness', 'more brightness' -> increase screen brightness by 10%.
'decrease brightness', 'brightness down', 'less brightness' -> decrease brightness by 10%.
'brightness minimum'
'brightness maximum'
'set brightness to #'
'where am i'
'what is speed limit'
'open spotify'
'close', 'quit', 'shutdown' -> quit app
'what time is it'
'what day is it'
'distance to destination', 'remaining distance', 'how much further'
'what is the ETA',  'are we there yet'