Swapping Resolutions

Hello! I’m trying to design a dashboard for a custom screen. The custom screen size is 1280:390. The laptop I’m designing the dashboard on is 1920:1080.

I’m not really sure how to work on the dashboard on my laptop without there being a whole bunch of scaling issues when I move to the 1280x390 display.

For example, I tried to set a boundary area with some image gauges to the far sides of the wide display, and then work within those constrains on my laptop display. However when I open the dash on the wide display, the entire dashboard scales down because it was technically built to a 1920 scale.

I guess I’m asking if there’s a way to lock the resolution of realdash to a custom size so I don’t have to work exclusively on tablet.

Either edit your dashboard on actual device, or use Windows desktop computer and set RealDash to windowed mode and approximate the correct aspect ratio with your window size. There are some pre-defined aspect settings in ‘Settings->Application->Editing’.

Hi! Building off this, I’m trying to work on a vertical dashboard thats 800 x 1200.

I realize that working on realdash in a vertical orientation is awkward but still useable. Hoever the inputs and values menu shows a blank page and the left navigation panel containing all the gauges in the dashboard is blank.

Is there a way to see these two menus without resizing the dash and moving everything?

Unfortunately the portrait mode editing in Windows is not officially supported and there is no working UI for that, sorry :frowning:

I sent you a message.

Thank you for this, I just uploaded my dash from my 1024x600 tablet to MRD and then imported onto my 1080p laptop, made a whole lot of changes then imported back to only realise the scaling is all wrong.

Sooooo much faster to edit on Windows with mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

I find uploading to MRD is hit and miss though as it says Unauthorized sometimes.