Swedish special fuel gauge visual


I can get fuel level by OBD2 and like the Swedish Special style fuel gauge.

There are 8 small bars that stack higher, depending on the level. I tried to set it up, but all the bars show, even when fuel level is low.

I edited the min and max level of every bar in the look and feel like this:

  • bar 1: min 0, max 10
  • bar 2: min 11, max 20,
  • bar 3: min 21, max 30
    And so on.

Still, all bars are visable. How to “hide” the bar when level is below value?

Use the normal,warning and critical levels of each bar and set the blend color transparency when you do not want to show it.

Here is a tutorial video of how to use the normal, warning and critical editing levels:

Thanks for the reply.

I still can’t get it to work. I watched the video, but it is not fully reflecting my situation.

Can you please discribe here in text what steps to take?

Fuel bar 1 is always visable (because there is always more then 10% fuel in my tank.
Fuel bar 2 should only be (fully) visable when there is more then 11% fuel in the tank
Fuel bar 2 should only be (fully) viasble when there is more then 21% in the tank
Fuel bar 3 above 31%
Fuel bar 4 above 41%
Fuel bar 5 above 51%
and so on.

I tried to figure out how the Gear gauge of the Swedish Special is setup, because that is the exact behavior I want the Fuel Gauge to be, but I have a hard time “copying” that to the fuel gauge.

Unless I don’t understand what you mean, you should be able to do this with warning and critical levels:

  • Bar 1, set warning and critical level to 0 - 10

  • Bar 1 go to Look’n Feel->Colors

  • Select editing level ‘warning’ and set opacity to 0

  • Select editing level ‘critical’ and set opacity to 0

  • Exit Look’n Feel

  • Select Bar 2

  • Bar 2, set warning and critical level to 0 - 20

  • etc …

Got it, but I had to do the opposite.

  • bar 1 always show, no need to adjust settings
  • bar 2 set critical level between 0 and 10, then with look and feel, go to blend color and set all opacity to 0 (I did 20, so I can see the bars a little when not lit) and only set opacity of critical level to 255.
    The same for each bar, but with critical max values increasing.

Ah, yes of course. But you got the idea :thumbs: