System notification filtering by app

Hi, Jani,

It would be possible to include a filter on the system notification window to show only notifications for certain apps? Usually only 2-3 apps are of interest to show notification while driving, the rest being junk while driving.
Maybe even separate filter for different system notification window. This way we can include one for communication notifications (call, sms, WhatsApp), another for device related system notifications.
I see also that system notification can be sent via multi-cast to other devices, which is very good, but needs per app filtration as well, otherwise you get double the junk.

Thank you!

Yes, this is a good idea. Will add to feature request list.


I can not see how this works, I see a low full level in notifictiona but not sure how it got there?

How do I add my own notifications and how do they get deleted and how are they cascaded if there is more that one?

Any update on this?


Technically its implemented, I just have not found a good place for this in settings UI.

I just want to be able to do the notification, so looking forward to it.