Tablet randomly not detecting charge

Hi All

I really got stuck with this one.

I am using Tasker to automatically detect if the tablet is getting Charged and then launch Realdash based on this event.

as well tasker locks the screen once that it detects that charge is off.

the usb cable is attached to the internal fusebox into a port which is switched on by ignition.

now the issue i have is that my tablet sometimes doesnt detect that there is „power“ on the USB port. i then need to phyiscally detach and reattach the usb to get it going.

i already checked my cables and they are working fine, it really seems that the tablet just sometimes would detect the charged based on the physical „plugging in“ instead of the active monitoring of current on the already plugged in USB.

does anyone have an idea what this is about?

Hard to say. What I do know is that on later Android versions, detecting the status of the charging on the background process (Tasker) is much more difficult than it used to be due security constraints on the power-event broadcasts.

One option would be to try another launcher to see if problem is on the Tasker.