Target ID Color Slider

Greetings again!

I am developing a small APP to control the colors of my Dash from my smartphone using Bluetooth, I saw everything possible until I found that there is no Target ID for Slider Color.

Dev friend help me please :frowning:

I am not an expert but I was on the right track (I think so), the idea is to have the APP on the smartphone connected via Bluetooth to an arduino, from sending the values ​​to controlling the values ​​of Slider Color, Zoom Map, animations, etc.

All good but I can’t control the Color Slider please.

If possible (sorry for asking so much) a Target ID for System Brightness.

Forgive my translation!:sweat_smile:

Soon I will upload my project that I am very happy, Realdash is amazing!


Just to understand better what you are trying to achieve (correct if I’m wrong):

  • You have an Arduino device that communicates with RealDash using RealDash CAN protocol
  • You want to send data from Arduino to RealDash to change a color of certain gauge
  • You want to send data from Arduino to control the display brightness of a device running RealDash

Is this somewhat correct?

Greetings dev.

I managed to create my APP and I can control the brightness, color, map zoom.!

You are correct, I wanted to know if there is a TargetID for the system brightness and for the slider controls.
I did it by using rotating values, but it is very annoying; In the case of the map zoom, I can control it by only sending values ​​from 0% to 100% and it is magnificent, as I would like to do with the color and brightness controls of the system.

This makes it a little easier for me to control realdash through Slider (color, brightness, color brightness) from my APP.
I am not an expert in programming.

Forgive my translation.

And thanks, I was also able to connect my (old) BT GPS module to arduino and send the coordinates to the Realdash.

Thank you again.

If you have time, review the video, it is short.

I just want to know if there is a target id for the brightness and color slider, 1,2,3,4.

Another query and sorry for the inconvenience. :unamused:

How can I use the command in a text mediator, example: [POSTFIX = x] and [COLORSLIDER = color1] at the same time? It’s possible? :question:

Id for device screen brightness is 274. I have no idea if it will work adjusting it externally, but give it a go.

Color sliders are 366,367,368 and 369.

For text commands, Just add both of them into the text box.